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The billion-dollar Multi-level Marketing (MLM) industry is plagued with issues like distrust, lack of transparency, mutability, and delayed transactions. The recent rise of a blockchain-powered smart contract — such as TRON smart contract, Ethereum smart contract, or Bitcoin smart contract — has offered a solution to the big bag of these challenges and promises to revolutionize the MLM business.

To be precise, it simplifies the complex workflow of the MLM industry. Along with that, it adds transparency, immutability, and traceability to the industry and primes it for growth. Because of the immutable nature of blockchain, the smart contracts bring stability and trust to the business for the network participants.

A smart contract powered MLM platform enables traceability of transactions. The network participants can identify, track, and trace the transactions, transaction history, commission details, and more relevant data. Powered by smart contracts, the MLM platforms store data on the blockchain. As the ledger is immutable, the network participants are able to trust the MLM platform completely.

The smart contract powered MLM platforms eliminate the involvement of a third party. Thus, it prevents third-party from scamming the network participants.

An MLM platform processes hundreds and thousands of transactions every day. The process is complex, leading to delays and confusion. Using smart contracts, all these transactions can be automated, thus avoiding the delays and overcoming the complexities.

Smart contracts are algorithmic contracts. When the predefined events or terms of a smart contract are met, the contract executes in real-time. These contracts cannot be altered or deleted unless both the parties involved i.e. the MLM platform and the network participant agree to do so.

Thus, it prevents the rights of the company as well as the network participants.

A smart contract based MLM platform offers the advantages of complete decentralization to the multi-level marketing business. The company owners can choose to get the platform built on TRON, Ethereum, or Bitcoin blockchain. TRON smart contract-based platforms have been gaining more traction nowadays because of the higher-throughput of the TRON blockchain.

A smart contract MLM script is basically a white label solution. It enables quick and cost-efficient development of an MLM platform powered by smart contracts. At Antier Solutions, we are a team of smart contract MLM software development experts. We provide MLM scripts to help businesses launch their MLM platforms in just 7 days.

Based on the TRON blockchain, these self-executing smart contracts automate an MLM business. Along with that, it ensures that the platform operates without any single point of failure and in a 100% decentralized manner. As the TRON blockchain supports high-speed, low-cost transactions, TRON is becoming the first choice of MLM companies that want to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Ethereum was one of the first blockchains to support smart contract development. Thus, it also became the first platform to support the development of MLM Software. As a 100% decentralized ledger, Ethereum is a widely adopted blockchain platform. These MLM platforms built on Ethereum come with a multi-currency wallet, API to external exchanges, investment modules, P2P transaction support, and much more.

A smart contract MLM platform comes with the following advantages.

  • Decentralization of processes like commission distribution
  • Automation of routine transactions
  • Higher transparency for the network participants
  • High-end security to the participant’s data and commissions
  • Increased trust in the network
  • Fast earning opportunities
  • Near-instant payments
  • No manual processes
  • High ROI with minimum investment

If you are planning to build smart contract based MLM software, Antier Solutions can help. We specialize in building custom MLM platforms using different blockchains, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and TRON. In addition, we provide smart contract MLM script to help our clients quickly launch their MLM platforms in just 7 days.

Schedule a free demo of our white label MLM software or connect with our subject matter experts to share your needs for a custom MLM platform built from scratch.

Originally published at on December 3, 2020.



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