PantherSwap Clone Script | Develop DeFi Exchange like PantherSwap

PantherSwap is a decentralized exchange and yield farm powered by Binance Smart Chain’s Automated Market Maker (AMM). The Platform, which uses its PANTHER token, allows for staking, token exchanging, liquidity provision, yield farming, and initial token launches.

We can develop in two ways: either create it from scratch or use a PantherSwap clone script with customizations to meet our needs.

PantherSwap Clone Script is a decentralized exchange script that works on Binance Smart Chain (BSS) and is identical to PantherSwap If you want to develop your own DeFi exchange like PantherSwap, you can get the clone script with a ready-made and highly customisable clone script based on your business needs.

Farming, Liquidity, Staking, Lottery, and Exchange are some of the primary functions provided by PantherSwap Clone Script on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Farming — Farming in the PantherSwap allows tokens to be distributed to Pantherswap seekers with a particular percentage of yield using yield awards and token pairings.

Liquidity — This Platform collects funds from members and makes them available as ready Liquidity Providers to the Platform.

Staking — PantherSwap clone players can obtain Panther by staking other Tokens of their choice in these staking pools.

Exchange — This function allows you to swap tokens across currencies and borders.

Liquidity on Demand

The exchange charges 5% for each transaction kept on the Platform, with the remaining 4% immediately liquidated to the farm via smart contracts.

Automated Burning

Users’ transaction fees are divided into four categories, with four percent liquidated at pools and one percent burnt automatically.


Over 0.5 percent of the total stock in the Pantherswap exchange will be rejected. This fraction will decrease as the entire stock develops.

Lockup for Harvesting

The PantherSwap contract locks the tokens staked in liquidity pools, and users cannot harvest tokens from liquidity pools for the contract duration. Users can withdraw their tokens from their wallets here.

Programed for Referrals

If a user refers a friend/new user, the recommended user receives 1% of the transaction charge from the new user transaction charge for the directed link for the rest of the trade.

Redistribution of Deposit Fees

The exchange costs a 4% registration fee, of which 1% goes to the development team, and 3% goes to the Jungle. Panther users can wager their tokens (BUSD and BNB) in the Jungle to earn other tokens.

Time lock

As trade bots and users liquidate and withdraw tokens quickly, the Timelock contract can restrict the fluctuation on the liquidity pools by 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours.

Request a Free Demo: A good demo will show prospects how the solution addresses their problems and helps them be more productive at work. So, using a free demo provided by the company, examine the website’s usability and functionality.

Examine the DeFi Market: Take a close look at the unique protocol-level and market-wide DeFi indicators. It’s also critical to thoroughly analyze and examine existing DeFi efforts.

Customization: Before making a purchase, determine the cost range for customization and review the company’s terms and conditions.

Deliverables: The cost of the clone script varies according to the company’s requirements. Before deciding on a plan, weigh your options carefully and consider upgrading to a premium package for additional perks.

Hired support: Hire someone who can assist you during the operations if you are not a technical person. It is advantageous to have a team to test the clone script. You can improve the DeFi clone script with the help of your technical staff by adding new features and repairing errors.

PantherSwap Decentralized money exchange development is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and more organizations and entrepreneurs are beginning to see its value. In today’s competitive climate, many businesses face substantial challenges, whether they are uninformed of DeFi, the cost of DeFi development, or the technical knowledge required to build decentralized protocols.

It’s better to hire an expert Blockchain development service provider who can deploy the solution for your team and deliver round-the-clock technical support to give a seamless DeFi experience to your users.

Originally published at on December 1, 2021.



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